Paradigm Global Education, a digital transformation and education agency was founded in 2016 with expertise in education technology development, delivery, and creating access to learning. Today, we are establishing education centers and innovation hubs around the world with a focus on emerging technology education, essential skills, and leadership development. We are headquartered in London, U.K., and conduct education delivery within Africa, Europe, The Middle East, and the U.S.A.  

Our Courses

Applied Technologies in Practice

Virtual Reality (VR)

Courses in the VR track focuses on skills development in building virtual worlds using virtual reality technologies. These courses are designed to provide an understanding of this evolving technology, applying the knowledge directly into your discipline.

Web Applications

Courses in the Web Applications track develops the skills necessary in the creation of web applications. Courses cover covers mark up and programming languages such as HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript, Angular JS, etc. to develop and deploy web applications through web and  browsers.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Courses in the AR track focus on developing, skills needed to create augmented reality content, interacting with the virtual and real worlds simultaneously using state of the art technologies, and applying the knowledge directly to your field of work.

Data Analytics

Courses in this track offer an in-depth and practical approach to understanding and using data, using two of the industry standard tools. In this course, you will learn how to use Tableau and Power BI to harness the power of data analysis and visualization and how this can be applied within your discipline.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly, in different disciplines. Courses in this track focus on essential to advanced knowledge of AI, and how to incorporate and apply AI principles in your discipline.

Digital Learning & Instructional Design

With the continuous growth of digital learning content at all levels of education, courses in this track focus on the concepts of instructional design, and an in-depth understanding of the aspects that make up the development of effective and inclusive digital learning content.

Animation and Multimedia

Courses in this track will explore the principles of animation, and then proceed to advanced practices in inking, coloring, lighting, etc. Courses in this track are provide the opportunity for learners to create and animated short movie using industry-standard hardware and software.

Soft Skills and Leadership Development

Today’s professional world needs individuals who bring new perspectives, creative thinking and new ideas – and who have the soft skills and knowledge to self-manage in an uncertain world. Our soft skills and leadership training focuses on leadership as a lifelong journey that begins with self-awareness. Our experts from all around the world deliver a wide range of programmes for individuals, managers and senior executives. The topics we deliver are catered specifically to the audience. Examples of such topics include critical thinking, self management, communications, self-leadership, etc.


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